What Is Coaching All About? I Wish You Knew This…

Monique Russell Coach

A lot of people are curious and confused about the benefits of coaching and what to expect when working with an Executive Communications Coach. They say things like, “I already know how to set goals. I know how to get things done. I already know how to network.” Then, you already know that you are not ready for a coach because you already know everything. When someone is ready for a coach, they maintain a learning mindset. They understand that improvement in THINKING, will improve their outcomes.

With this in mind, here are 3 benefits you can expect when making the choice to hire a coach.

1. expect to increase self-awareness by having a non-partial external party challenge and expand your internal thought processes.

2. expect to increase achievement of goals with built-in accountability, support, and encouragement.

3. expect to improve in areas of personal development and effectiveness (time management, motivation, social skills, decision making etc.)

Working with a coach is like exercising, you get out what you put in. The coach can’t do the push-ups for you. Coaching is the one tool I know that will help you achieve results faster and quicker.

“I am not sure my results will be guaranteed.” says, many who are concerned about the benefits of coaching. Money-back guarantees sound good. Car dealers offer them for car purchases, airlines offer them for ticket purchases but the guarantee can only be exercised often with a list of conditions usually around timing, and non-negligent behavior. When you purchase your plane ticket, there is no guarantee you will arrive at your destination if you do not show up to check-in. Coaching results are significantly weighted on your choices, behaviors, and actions. A Global ICF study revealed that 99% of people coached were somewhat or very satisfied with the coaching. 70% made “at least” their initial investment back. Other reports show growth in 2 large areas: increased self-awareness and interpersonal skills. If you struggle to get along with others, make effective decisions, prioritize poorly, are unaware of what triggers you and how to cope, these areas will enhance and improve through coaching. When you improve in these areas, you get more clients, better opportunities, increase your social networks and influence, improve your personal effectiveness at home and work and increase your levels of fulfillment. Persons who sign up for coaching look forward to having their thinking improved because they know once their thinking improves, their outcomes improve also.

An Unusual Side Benefit of Working with a Coach Like Monique Russell

When I pursued my college degrees in Communications, outside of going to class, I was a member of several organizations including the African Students Associations and Council for African American Students organizations. I became a Multi-cultural consultant where I received international students and got them acclimated to the United States through various experiences. Later, I managed a small team of 5 and began leading focus groups, conducting research and presenting a strategy to increase campus engagement. This allowed me to develop great relationships with the University President at the time and his leadership team. The insights and access were side benefits of me going to college. When you work with a skilled, professional coach, like Monique Russell, you also get:

  • insights, access, and exposure to opportunities you don’t know yet exist.
  • you get trends and pivots that you don’t have time to read and sift through because you are already too busy.
  • you get access to my network because your win is my win
  • you get diverse approaches and thought because I’ve worked across multiple industries and I am naturally multicultural with heritage from The Bahamas and Nigeria.

If you are ready to work with a communications professional coach who can help you improve your communication skills while giving you additional insights, access, and exposure to opportunities, connect with and message me today.

The Downside and Challenges of Coaching No One Is Talking About

Here is what is happening in this constant noise of the industry. You’re constantly approached by persons telling you they can coach you on everything in your life and you don’t know when it will end. You’ve been sold a pie in the sky ideal or maybe the fact that you will “unlock your future potential” and you truly have no idea what that exactly means. You sign up, you are shortchanged and now you have a bad experience with a tool that could totally transform your life.

Or, you signed up, felt like a number and were manipulated or shortchanged. You didn’t get what you thought you were getting. You got things you could google on the internet or the entire time your coach simply talked about what they did and told you would they would do or what you should do. They didn’t listen. They treated you like a number. And they were not professional. Please, don’t let that prevent you from getting the real support you deserve.

A skilled coach will help you set clear and tangible goals that can be measured for the coaching experience. If that can’t happen, run. You hear me? Run like Forest Gump!

A skilled coach is  NOT married to your outcomes, they are married to your journey and process of self-discovery.  Too many coaches haven’t done the work and want you to achieve your goals so badly so they can feel good about themselves. Watch out.

A skilled coach will tell you what they can and CANNOT help you with. For example, I can’t coach you on fitness. PowerPoint presentations? Not my focus. I do my best work with individuals and teams who want more: Clarity in goals and accountability · Boundaries with peers and relationships · Connection in relationships with loved ones · Clarity in making decisions · Visibility in leading at home and work · Connection and clarity to their purpose · Respect in their place of work · Impact in their presentation skills and public speaking abilities.

I turn away more people than I accept them if they are not a good fit. My clients seek training in multicultural communications, team performance, and productivity, communication skills building and emotional intelligence. If these are the areas you want to improve communication skills, and you are ready to be seen, heard and understood, you are in the right place.

There is no better time than now to invest in enhancing your communications skills.

When you are able to communicate and articulate your thoughts clearly, and succinctly, you have a better chance of getting promotions, connecting with colleagues and family, having a courageous conversation instead of avoiding conflict, feeling confident and fulfilled, connecting to your strengths and maximizing your efficiency.

How much longer will you continue to let opportunities pass you by? How much longer will you sit on completing that goal you have been shoving in the back for more than 5 years or worse waiting for the “right” moment to now begin to develop yourself?

Times are changing very rapidly. The workplace has changed. The economy has changed. The gig economy is here and reports constantly tell us about rising stress levels.

If you are constantly worrying about what your next move should be, how to prepare for the future, and how to get the most out of your days, you need to evaluate where you are.

What would it be worth if your ability to connect with others and build greater influence could come from having a better understanding of yourself?

Ready to get started? Send me a message today.