Meet Monique

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Monique Russell, an Executive Communications Coach for you—the serious and accomplished executive woman who is ready to GROW.

Right now, you may have achieved great success in gaining recognition for your good ideas, and expertise, but you haven’t connected in a way where others recognize the full value and quality of your leadership. It’s hard to connect, others don’t seem to understand, or buy into the full vision of where you see the team heading.

Or maybe, you’ve achieved that success, but in a way that feels unnatural and de-motivating to you. You’re playing small, and you know you could play much BIGGER. You want to improve your communication skills. You’re skilled and wildly talented, but possibly on the verge of burnout and frustration….singing the “I’m sick of corporate and why did I start this business song.”

I understand. I’m ready to help you achieve the success you deserve.

Learn More About Me

Who we are

Clear Communication Solutions is a global training, coaching and consulting firm helping leaders and teams go from good to great as confident communicators.

What we do

We teach effective communications and leadership skill building strategies that enhance the quality of personal and professional relationships.

The Founder’s Story

I’m Monique Russell, an executive coach, leadership guru, and communication expert. Well, that’s what many people say about me.

I come from a long line of educators in my family, and thought that one thing I was NEVER going to be was an educator. So it’s funny how I’ve actually been one all along, but never really realized it.

All I wanted to do was to be on TV. I started acting, public speaking, and hosting events at a very young age and was often called on to read in church, or serve as the mistress of ceremonies. I loved it. I loved every bit of it. I continued public speaking throughout my school years, and was very active in leadership roles in many school clubs and community groups.

Keeping in line with my desire to be on the big stage, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism, and then quickly realized the moolah just wasn’t enough. I went back for two Masters of Science, one in Public Relations and the other in Advertising.

Well, life didn’t work out the way I planned.

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be the “star of the show”. I wanted to present, facilitate, please my parents, friends, family and everyone else. Then, I got older. I faced one too many rejections. Life happened.

And one day, I realized I had lost my confidence.

I almost couldn’t recognize myself. I became fearful and doubtful even in my natural abilities.

Through a process of self-awareness, introspection, empowerment outlets, coaching and a support system, I slowly gained my confidence back. And I am determined not to go down that path again.

When I decided to impress and love myself first, the zone of genius began to unleash. I am an excellent communication consultant and coach, that’s why I’m ready to guide you with my gift so you too can be a confident and clear communicator.

Some extras about me

  • I am a trained DiSC Facilitator and Certified Life Coach.
  • I am a Bagerican (Bahamian, Nigerian, American)
  • I’ve served as a Public Speaking Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the collegiate level.
  • I love to read and travel.
  • I am a licensed Realtor
  • I designed a public speaking curriculum for Southern New Hampshire University.
  • I am a pescatarian who loves sushi.
  • Connecting virtually all around the globe, I have taught more than 2,000 adults.
  • I have also served as a communications expert for government agencies such as the Center for Disease Control and Fortune 100 corporations.

Want to see if I can help you?

Contact Me Today.

phone number (706)-963-0322

Contact Me

Want to see if I can help you?

Contact Me Today.

phone number (706)-963-0322

Contact Me