Establish Meaningful Connections

Communication Skills Development for Women Leaders and Teams

Establish Meaningful Connections

Communication Skills Development for Women Leaders and Teams

Are you a Manager or Leader who wants to be a confident communicator? I’ve got just what you need! Speak so people will listen. Be heard and understood. Let the Clear Communication Executive Coach help you NOW.

The number one thing I hear that propels the success of executive women in the workplace is strong, solid communications skills. Without it, your good ideas fall on deaf ears, and those who do hear may not understand.  That’s why I’m sharing my FREE 7 Part E-Course on How To Be A Confident Communicator so you can start implementing proven strategies immediately. Download your free course by clicking the blue button above now.

Meet the Coach

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Monique Russell, an Executive Communications Coach for you—the serious and accomplished executive woman who is ready to GROW.

Right now, you may have achieved great success in gaining recognition for your good ideas, and expertise, but you haven’t connected in a way where others recognize the full value and quality of your leadership. It’s hard to connect, others don’t seem to understand, or buy into the full vision of where you see the team heading.

Or maybe, you’ve achieved that success, but in a way that feels unnatural and de-motivating to you. You’re playing small, and you know you could play much BIGGER. You want to improve your communication skills. You’re skilled and wildly talented, but possibly on the verge of burnout and frustration….singing the I’m sick of corporate and why did I start this business song.

I understand.

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Helping You Achieve the Success You Deserve!

Throughout my years of corporate experiences working behind the scenes with executive leaders, I’ve seen and understand first-hand the types of communications and leadership hurdles common in the workplace that prevent you from achieving the success you deserve.

My mentor Les Brown has a quote I love that says, “You can’t see the picture from inside the frame”. It reminds me that getting the help of others can make personal and professional growth and success LIMITLESS.

I’m here for you.

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Are you looking for just in time, relevant and practical content to develop your communication and leadership skills? Visit the Clear Communication Institute where you can gain tools and strategies that equip you to become an effective communicator and well-respected leader. Our training provides practical solutions in an online format focused on the skills you need to connect with others. They are for leaders and their teams who want to get the most out of their day at work so they can focus less on personality conflicts and more on positive results and exciting projects.

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Maveryck Marketing has partnered with Clear Communication Solutions on both local and international projects. Its leader, Monique, offers a unique set of skills which helps our project communication, collaboration, and efficiency run seamlessly! Truly, it is a pleasure to have Clear Communication Solutions as a trusted strategic partner. If you are looking for a company that can deliver high-quality results, try Clear Communication Solutions.

Maveryck Marketing Group

When you work with someone in Coaching and Communications, you want someone with actual experience in the field they are coaching. Monique clearly had control of the event just by her presence, and when she spoke, she had the respect of the audience. Her demeanor spoke volumes and the audience held on to every bit of information she provided. More importantly, she made herself available to each and every person that had a question or comment for her. That is what stood out the most.

Trenton CarsonOwner, TC Productions Video Production Company

Personality plus! AIWN (Atlanta Independent Women's Network) was delighted to host Monique Russell as our expert speaker. Her strong message to our professional women was right on point, stressing just how to speak and be heard with confident and clear communication. Monique's positive energy, enthusiasm and fun was contagious. She truly inspired us with good strategy to boost our leadership skills while taking our businesses to the next level.
I highly recommend Monique to any professional group looking for a great speaker.

Judy MillerPresident, AIWN

Monique is one of the most professional Communication & Public Speaking coaches I've met. I highly recommend her, both for training your team, or for 1-on-1 coaching!

E.G. SebastianLeadership Development Coach

The PMI event was graced with a wonderful speaker, Monique Russell who presented on “Navigating the Workplace Successfully through Leadership and Communication”. Since about 60-70% of a Project/Program Manager’s responsibilities include communication, it is imperative that clear, concise information is transmitted and that the right message is heard and understood.

Bill Affeldt, PMP

Monique is one of those people you meet and wish you had met 10 years earlier. Every time we meet I receive valuable insights and clarity. The most interesting part is that often times, the answers I seek are right in front of me; they just need a touch of clarity. Monique is a highly gifted communicator who brings out the best in everyone she interacts with. I strongly recommend Monique to anyone who wants to take their career and life to the next level.

Kingdom Acquisitions, LLCPrincipal

I learned public speaking isn’t a weird mystical experience nor is it left up to chance. It made me more comfortable to learn that you need to be prepared.


I received a promotion before the course was over because I used the skills immediately. Thank you Monique!


Thank you, Monique, for providing the Department of Agriculture with invaluable insights and unifying our team around our strategic vision. We look forward to connecting with you again!

Michael Flowers, DirectorGrand Bahama Ministry of Agriculture

If you ever need DiSC or Emotional Intelligence training, check out Monique Russell. I just went through one of her seminars and it was phenomenal. One of the best seminars I've gone through in quite some time. Five Stars!! Thank you Monique!

Felix Hernandez, PMP-ITILBusiness Development Professional

Monique is an awesome speaker and trainer who shared her knowledge with the Project Management Institute of Atlanta.

Johnetta DillardProject Manager