Tribal Division Starts at Home: Confront the Mindset

By January 6, 2021 February 25th, 2021 Podcast

Tribal Division Starts at Home: Confront the Mindset 

You may have heard of the many tribes on the continent of Africa, perhaps most popular, the Ashanti tribe. Or, you are familiar with the tribe concept in general. Tribal division is not a new thing. It is the idea of superiority and inferiority among various tribes even to the point of being forbidden to marry. Tribal division starts at home. My guest, Dr. Iyanda speaks to this division, where it truly starts and how to begin the transformation in the mind. 

Dr. Olukunle Iyanda, is a management consultant with over 2 decades of experience in corporate strategy, leadership and people development, emerging technology and innovation, and organizational culture. He is the founder of BROOT consulting, Managing Partner of the Design Thinkers Group, Nigeria where he currently resides, and is a firm proponent and advocate that diversity and inclusion are robust tools for innovation and generating ideas.

He designs and facilitates high energy and captivating capacity development programs for organisations in the area of Design Thinking, Corporate Strategy, Leadership and People Development, Emerging Technology & Innovation Management and Organisational Culture.

Show Notes

If you have seen humanity at its best, removing divisive thoughts and negative bias is easier. Be able to recognize the moments when you have been helped by strangers that do not have a similar background. Be intentional in imagining yourself in another person’s shoes. Look at the other perspective. Being highly educated does not mean you are highly informed.

Snippet from Dr. Kunle Iyanda:

I have seen humanity at its best. This helps me to prevent over-generalizations. If we want to have a better society, we have to deal with the issue of overgeneralization and take people for who they are. In the Design Thinking process, we spend time to discover the problem. If we can apply the same process to how we relate to each other, we can connect with one another. The best way to show that we are human is to understand one another.

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