Start at the Molecule: Your Origin Begins with Matter

By September 16, 2020 Podcast

Veronica Owusu, also known as VPowerCoach is the founder of and The Women On Fire Warrior Academy. She coaches service-based business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts to fearlessly build and lead their tribe of high paying clients and have an impact, by creating and launching their online Power-Packed Programme in less than 90 days.

Show Notes

Personal development takes time. After hitting rock bottom, Veronica immersed herself in the transformative process of self-discovery. While doing that, her natural gifts and talents were being expressed naturally. Through specific, intentional acts and teaching what she learned along the way, she became a Fearless Warrior, helping others to channel the Fearless Warrior within. 

Snippet from Veronica:

“If you remember anything, remember this confidence is not your problem. Confidence is not the problem. It’s simply a result of a deeper underlying issue. If you had a focus on exactly who you’re serving, if you had a focus on who you are as a person, and get clarity on the solutions that you’re offering from A to B, if you had all that you’d have the confidence to show up. If you had clarity and the purpose and the why, there’ll be no excuse of I’m too shy. I’m not visible. Who do I know? No. Because you have purpose, you have clarity and you have focus and exactly why you have called forth your warrior to serve.”

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