Grow as a People by Learning About People

Three-time TEDx speaker, international keynote, executive coach, and award-winning author that has a track record of taking teams from functioning poorly and top producers.  Clients call her “University tested, and industry approved.” Her unique blend of advanced education and industry experience positions her to provide maximum impact to executives and high potential teams.

Having worked with clients from Kaiser Permanente, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Army Corp of Engineers, and the Salvation Army, Dethra shares insightful stories of success, learning, and team optimization.  

She is a top-rated speaker for National SHRM (Society of Human Resources Managers) and an expert at delivering presentations that help build leaders,  spawn high functioning teams, and increase productivity.

She has served as adjunct faculty at Georgia State University, Mercer University, and as a faculty member for Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses and the Tory Burch Foundation.

Most importantly, Dethra U. Giles is a wife, a mom, and has done all that she talks about and teaches in her training.

Show Notes

If you are not growing in your knowledge, you are dying. Start small, easy, and fun to begin deepening your connection, and understanding about people that are different from you. Language and Names hold significant weight in our identity. Be intentional about connecting and learning the language of others.

Snippet from Dethra:

Start small, easy, and fun. Those are my three requirements. Small, easy, and fun. Let me tell you something. International people, not just Jamaicans, international people, when I tell you, we love a good party. There is no easy button for cross-cultural education. It just doesn’t exist. But go to a nice party, a nice event, and start to immerse yourself in those cultures. And you’ll be amazed at how you’re embraced, and how you’re given opportunities to create a deeper meaning and a deeper relationship just from that very small surface, party or event or cultural activity. You will be amazed at how they can lead to a whole new world for you.

Listen to the episode and share your biggest insight or learning moment.

Listen to the episode and share your biggest insight or learning moment.

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