Courage to Love All Things Africa Despite the Odds

Wode Maya is a popular Ghanaian YouTube personality, vlogger, and aeronautical engineer. Maya began vlogging about life in China where his videos went viral gaining an international audience and attention. His unfailing love and courage to love all things Africa came from his experiences living in China.

He joined YouTube on January 10, 2013. Wode Maya is Berthold Winkler’s stage name. Mr. Ghana Baby, as he is also known professionally, visits multiple African countries vlogging about his travel experiences, the county’s’ culture, and social scene garnering him mainstream media attention. He is a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker.

Show Notes

His love for the continent of Africa was born out of being in an environment of toxic hate for his homeland. Having to disguise himself as anything but African in order to get a job, to eat, and survive was a way of life while living in China. His desire to educate about the continent of Africa led him to see for himself the beauty in the countries by going on a self-funded pilgrimage and capture on video the beauty of the continent. By having the courage to be himself, love himself, and connect to his purpose, he has been able to maintain resilience through the obstacles he faces of building a bridge between black people worldwide.

Snippet from Wode Maya:

When we were growing up in Africa, we were told that there are greener pastures outside of your homeland. Everyone is rich and healthy. People respect you when you leave your country. 

When I was in Ghana I did not get the respect I think I deserved, but the moment I stepped my foot in China, they thought I made it in life. So who wants to come back to your home when you face that? There are so many people who left for Europe and left with the same mentality and they are now stuck. They want to come back to Africa, but they don’t have the courage to tell people that they are stuck.


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