Choose Your Battles: Stockholm Syndrome

A BBC-trained journalist and presenter; Dave Crane is an international speaking and presentation expert, working with directors, c-suite executives, celebrities, and public sector officials. He is a United Nations ECOSOC representative for Vienna, Geneva, and New York, specializing in leadership.

A qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Communications Strategist, NFNLP Hypnotherapist, and stress management expert, Dave has more than 20 years’ experience delivering bespoke one-on-one executive public speaking coaching and group media training programs.

A motivational speaker on leadership, communication, digitalization, and the future of work, Dave has over 30 years’ experience delivering engaging keynotes, moderating panels, and hosting large scale events at NASA, Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, World Beauty Championship, Samsung FIFA Intercontinental Beach Soccer, World Club 10’s Rugby, Special Olympics World Games 2019, World’s Ultimate Strongman, Rugby World Cup Sevens, Speedcar Series, Legends Rock Dubai Tennis, Dubai Open Tennis, ATD Middle East, GITEX, MICE India & Luxury Travel Congress, Gulf Trade Finance Summit, ICAP CFO Conference and many more.

Show Notes

When you are happy in your own skin, and stop looking for external approval, you are able to face rejection and still move forward because something bigger and deeper drives you. Performing arts and roles that allow you to learn how to read people can give you an advantage in identifying smoke screen distractions in life. Choose your battles, only fight battles you can win. Learning how to communicate strategically will give you an edge. 

Snippet from Dave:

I went to meet my mother’s family. Everyone decided I was gay. They couldn’t get their head around why I had a headscarf, why a guy would have long hair and why a guy would dress like that, it seemed effeminate. They also hated the fact that I had a white dad.  They hated my whiteness.  I heard the same racist stuff about white people from them that I was hearing and trying to get away from about white people from blacks and it made me leave with a complete disillusioned view of who my people are.

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