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By July 24, 2020 July 29th, 2020 Podcast


Bridge to U – is a new bi-weekly podcast launching August 5th. The podcast features enlightening conversations with guests who have subscribed to Black Unity and solidarity worldwide.

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Episode Transcript

Hello everyone, I am Monique Russell and I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new podcast hosted by me called Bridge To U. Bridge to U was created on the belief that understanding ourselves and each other is key to building a bridge to unity between black people worldwide

As a multicultural woman raised in the Bahamas with Nigerian heritage, living in America. This is so important to me. Because when we understand each other and our differences, we can achieve a shared goal. Our differences are what makes us strong. There is unity in our diversity.

In this first season, you will hear from people who have gone through their own journeys of awakening and transformation. You’ll also hear some of my personal stories here about some of the strategies that I use to build a bridge to unity. Join me for the journey. Unity and understanding begins within building a bridge between black people worldwide.

Bridge To U launches on August 5, and new episodes are available every two weeks? Listen to Bridge To U in Apple Podcasts, Google, Stitcher, on my website, or wherever you listen to your podcast.