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Communicate Better

You are wildly skilled. You are talented and brilliant, and you are a high achieving performer. You develop action plans quickly with new knowledge, but you’re at a point where it’s difficult to communicate with the team. You are frustrated and often overwhelmed with the day to day communications with your peers, and leaders. You wish there was a way to communicate that would get your point across quickly, and clearly without having to repeat yourself over and over…and when you do communicate, you’re understood.  Communicate Better is for you.

All you need is a good jumpstart to hit the ground running.

I provide an assessment that gives powerful insights and tools for you to not only communicate with confidence, but to thrive in the 21st century. With the new knowledge and awareness, you’ll get a powerful strategy session that will last you a lifetime.

  • 1 assessments (DiSC )
  • 1 90-minute teleconference call

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Communicate Advanced

A bit deeper than the Communicate Better, you could benefit from additional customized support. You may have a situation that needs to be worked through and you just can’t leave this one to chance. You may have an idea of what to do, but working this situation through with a trusted, and effective advisor is just what you need.

You don’t want to be confused, or nervous about communicating your vision, performance expectations, or general business issues. You need additional clarity, with open and honest feedback.

Communicate Advanced is for you.

  • 2 assessments (DiSC and Fascination Advantage)
  • 2 90-minute teleconference calls

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Communicate Premium Signature Program: CLEAR Communication Coaching

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed with the day to day management of people, projects and processes…and you’re watching your energy and interest drain daily…wondering if you are making a meaningful impact or contribution, CLEAR Communication Coaching is for you.

You are talented. There is no doubt about this. You’ve achieved great results and have even been recognized for it, but you’ve run into obstacle after obstacle, and now slowly your confidence, interest and energy has started to fade.

You aren’t giving your best, but you know you have so much more to give. You’re tired….frustrated, and on the verge of burnout…wondering how much longer can you go on. You’ve even thought of quitting, and right about now, you could use a personal champion.


CLEAR Communications Coaching is a 12-week synchronous virtual group coaching program that teaches women leaders how to become confident communicators. You will own your strengths, delegate your weaknesses and re-claim your energy. In the process, you’ll learn how to eliminate conflict, delegate effectively, and discover and utilize your most unique and advantageous communications style.

To maintain a high level of quality, numbers are kept low. You will never feel like a number, or a dollar sign and will receive customize attention in achieving your goals.

This is a serious program, and you’ll be connected with other motivated leaders just like you.

You start off with assessments that provide powerful insights and tools that will allow you to not only communicate with confidence, but to the thrive in the 21st century.

  • Assessments
  • Communicate and Conquer (CC) group calls
  • 1: 1 calls with each confident communicator to focus on goals
  • Celebration of Learning and plan for future development

* This is a serious investment in your future. It requires a desire to grow, and commitment to implement. If for any reason, you feel you aren’t ready to go all in for your personal growth after signing up, there is a 7 day money back guarantee and you will receive a 95% refund, no questions asked.

After completing this program, executives should be able to:

  • Identify and utilize their unique communications style
  • Demonstrate strategies to solicit meaningful feedback
  • Use targeted language to yield influence
  • Develop a plan for future growth and development

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Team Training/Business Solutions

Eliminate team conflict, and bring your team together. Bring me in to give your team a comprehensive assessment and learn how each member’s style is vital to team success.