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The number one thing I hear that propels the success of executive women in the workplace is strong, solid communications skills. Without it, your good ideas fall on deaf ears, and those who do hear may not understand.  That’s why I’m sharing my FREE 12 step performance guide on how to communicate and conquer your way to success.

Meet the Coach

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Monique Russell, an Executive Communications Coach for you—the serious and accomplished executive woman who is ready to GROW.

Right now, you may have achieved great success in gaining recognition for your good ideas, and expertise, but you haven’t connected in a way where others recognize the full value and quality of your leadership. It’s hard to connect, others don’t seem to understand, or buy into the full vision of where you see the team heading.

Or maybe, you’ve achieved that success, but in a way that feels unnatural and de-motivating to you. You want to improve your communication skills. You’re skilled and wildly talented, but possibly on the verge of burnout and frustration.

I understand.

Throughout my years of corporate experiences working behind the scenes with executive leaders, I’ve seen and understand first-hand the types of communications and leadership hurdles common in the workplace that prevent you from achieving the success you deserve.

My mentor Les Brown has a quote I love that says, “You can’t see the picture from inside the frame”. It reminds me that getting the help of others can make personal and professional growth and success limitless.

I’m here for you. Learn more about Monique…