Leadership Training For Less Than $20: A Disney Adventure

By August 1, 2017Leadership

When the movie Moana first came out, my kids wanted to see it, so I took them. It’s a really good movie.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a little girl who discovers her calling or purpose to right a wrong that was done to her village community. (my take) In order to do this, Moana had a leadership and technical guide and grew in self-awareness.  

Obstacles Can Derail Your Goals, But Wise Counsel Can Re-Ignite It

Moana was told by her father not to cross the reef, a line in the water that separated calm and safe currents from more rough and vigorous ones. They knew it would be dangerous for her, but Moana was curious. At first, she was upset and disappointed being held back, but because her curiosity was so strong, she disregarded the warning and attempted to go by herself anyway.

Her first attempt resulted in a tumultuous experience. She crossed the reef, her boat was shattered, and she was flung across the ocean, only to be saved by a water spirit which brought her back to shore. She immediately felt her dad was right. Crossing the reef was not a place for her to explore.

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been advised not to pursue a goal, attempted it anyway, and failed?

Wise Counsel Can Guide Your Innermost Desires

When this experience happened, Moana’s grandmother was silently observing from the shore. She didn’t chastise her, but rather listened as the little girl agreed that the reef was really no place for her despite having a burning desire within. Like a good coach, her grandmother challenged her thoughts. She did not agree with Moana’s defeating statements, and avoided telling her what she should do. Instead, she asked powerful questions like:

Is that what you really want to do?

She mirrored Moana statements which gave her an external perspective on what she was really saying. Her grandmother then shared what she saw was possible for her. She re-ignited the desire within and encouraged Moana not to give up.

When a leader observes a team or member experiencing failure, they need to share what they see is possible if the team is unable to see it for themselves.

This was enough to inspire and empower Moana to give it another try, and when she did, she successfully crossed over the reef.

From Leadership Coach to Technical Coach

Moana left being coached internally by her grandmother, and encountered another along the way–Maui.

Maui is what I call the technical coach. He taught Moana the technical skills of wayfinding and sailing because she knew nothing about it. Then finally, she had to use all the tools she learned on her own, without her grandmother and without Maui. She was nervous and afraid, but wanted to make a difference.

Willpower and determination is simply not enough. Engaging the help of others can help you go farther than you could go by yourself.

By pressing forward Moana’s skills not only benefited her, but her entire village community.

Communication Obstacles Are No Different

As a Communications professional, this process is familiar. Like Moana’s initial reef encounter, when people encounter a difficult conversation particularly in the workplace that doesn’t yield the intended outcome, they retreat, play it safe, and avoid the confrontation or conflict. Avoiding conflict is easy, but it often comes at a painful price.

Imagine what could happen with a private coach you could talk to, someone to give you guidance or tools on how to approach a subject, role-play or just be that steady back-up as you navigate the waters of communication…how much farther could the conversation go? How much deeper of an impact could you make?

If you’re ready to make a deeper impact with a trusted advisor, send me a message today.